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Episode 14: Level Crossing Brewing on Track to Open in South Salt Lake

Level Crossing Brewing is set to open in South Salt Lake in March 2019. On this episode of the podcast, you’ll hear from three key players on:

  • The joys and challenges of starting a brewery from scratch
  • The booming craft beer scene in Utah
  • Their favorite local beers of the moment
  • And we even touch on some political stuff
  • Plus, we talk about the beers that will be available when Level Crossing Brewing opens to the public

Once you’re finished listening to the podcast, be sure to read the accompanying article: All Aboard! Level Crossing Rolls Into South Salt Lake.

Episode 13: Salt Flats Brewing Puts Foot on the Gas

Salt Flats Brewing isn’t a stranger to moving fast and jockeying for position. Its tradition is steeped in high-powered, high-performance racecars.

And that’s where the name Salt Flats Brewing comes in — an homage to the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats located 125 miles west of the brewery.

Utah Beer News visited the brewery to talk about the history of Salt Flats as well as its current projects and its ambitious plans for the future.

Once you’re finished listening to the podcast, be sure to read the accompanying article: Salt Flats Brewing Puts Foot on the Gas.

Episode 12: Solstice Malt Founder Puts Heart & Soul Into His Craft

Solstice Malt is Utah’s first malting operation in more than a half-century. Its founder, James Weed, in many ways is a throwback to a time when maltsters manually turned grain into the so-called “soul of beer.”

Hear Weed explain the three main stages of malting, as well as how he largely built his malt house from the ground up.

Once you’re finished listening to the podcast, be sure to read the accompanying article: Solstice Malt Founder Puts Heart & Soul Into His Craft.

Episode 11: Utah Craft Beers to Sip During the Holidays

Dave Baker and Tim Haran savor the last days of warm weather while discussing — and tasting — seven Utah craft beers perfect for the colder days ahead.

  • Brut Style India Pale Ale (Kiitos Brewing)
  • Griswald’s Holiday Ale (Red Rock Brewing)
  • Young Bruin Sour Brown Ale (Toasted Barrel Brewing)
  • Sweet Dreams Imperial Porter (Shades Brewing)
  • It’s Not Just For Breakfast Stout (2 Row Brewing)
  • Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout (Epic Brewing)
  • Barrel Aged Barley Wine Ale (Kiitos Brewing)

We also highlight a few beer-themed events happening in Utah between now and the end of the year.

Once you’re finished listening to the podcast, be sure to read Dave’s accompanying article: Unwrap a Six Pack of Utah Holiday Beers.

Episode 10: Meet Utah Homebrewer, Pilot, Bassoonist Ryan Van Liere

Ryan Van Liere — known to many as The Flying Bassoonist — is a Utah-based homebrewer who also happens to play the not-so-common bassoon and pilot/build aircraft.

Utah Beer News sat down with Van Liere to learn how he got started in homebrewing, where he found his love for craft beer, and what he thinks of the Utah craft beer scene.

One quick clarification from the audio interview: Big Bad Baptist (not Son of a Baptist) from Epic Brewing Co. is one of Van Liere’s beers of the moment.

Once you’re finished listening, be sure to check out the accompanying website article as well: Meet a Homebrewer Who Plays Bassoon and Flies Airplanes.

Episode 9: Shades Brewing — New Branding & Kveik Updates

In some ways, it’s always been simply Shades Brewing. It’s rare for someone to refer to the South Salt Lake brewery by its formal name — Shades of Pale Brewing Company.

So Shades is going all-in to better leverage what it believes to be strong name recognition and brand equity.

Utah Beer News talks with Shades CMO Dave Murray about the shift, which goes deeper than merely a name change and label reboot. Instead, it’s positioning Shades as an identity, a personality.

We also chat with Trent Fargher, Shades founder, about what’s next for the line of kveik golden sour ales. The brewery is fresh off a gold-medal win at the Great American Beer Festival for its Kveik 1.

Once you’re finished listening, be sure to check out the accompanying website article as well: Shades Brewing Unveils New Name, Branding.

Episode 8: Craft Beer Educator — Eric Meyer of Purgatory Bar

Eric Meyer manages Purgatory bar in Salt Lake City. Even though it’s known for fun, unique cocktails, Purgatory’s laid back atmosphere, upscale food, and attention to its beer menu, draws a beer-drinking crowd. Its selection includes 60+ varieties of bottled/canned beers and 20 tap handles.

Utah Beer News sits down to chat with Meyer to talk about beer and taste a few local brews. Included in the episode:

  • Meyer is studying to become a Certified Cicerone®. What does that mean?
  • We taste — and evaluate — three local beers. Hop Nosh IPA (Uinta Brewing), Double Trub’l IIPA (Shades Brewing), and Bobcat Nutbrown Ale (Red Rock Brewing)
  • Meyer talks about a new beer bar — Boiler Room — that’s in the works

Once you’re finished listening, be sure to check out the accompanying website article as well: Craft Beer Education: Eric Meyer’s Class is in Session.

Episode 7: Fall Beers — From Oktoberfest to Pumpkin Spice

Fall drinking means letting the leaves be your guide. You can switch to suds with a little more color — amber, copper, etc. Dave Baker and Tim Haran sit down to sip and evaluate five fall beers perfect for the season. They also talk about the origins of Oktoberfest and highlight a couple local events happening around town.

Once you’re finished listening, be sure to check out the accompanying website article as well: Fall Beers: From Oktoberfest to Pumpkin Spice.

Episode 6: 2 Row Brewing’s Brian Coleman

2 Row Brewing, which opened in 2015 in Midvale, Utah, helped to usher in a new wave of breweries in the Beehive State. Brian Coleman, founder and president, sat down with Utah Beer News to talk about his love for brewing. Our wide-ranging interview touches on several beer-related topics:

  • 2 Row Brewing’s wild ride to opening up shop
  • The value of developing your palate for beer
  • The brewery’s approach to its social media
  • How 2 Row’s super-cool bottle labels came about

And much more! Be sure to check out the accompanying website article as well: 2 Row Brewing: A Breath of Fresh Beer

Episode 5: Utah Beer Event Grab Bag

It’s not a question of which beer event to attend. But rather how many can I squeeze into my day? This episode of the podcast takes listeners on a Hops Hunters Hike and to downtown Salt Lake City for the annual Pie & Beer Day festivities. It also crosses state lines to visit the Evanston Brewfest. The episode accompanies an article that discusses even more beer-related events. Check it out.

Episode 4: Utah Summer BBQ Beers

Utah Beer News discusses a handful of craft beers perfect for your next summer BBQ or other gathering. David Baker and Tim Haran talk about six beers, each of which is readily available at your local Utah grocery store. David writes about these six and adds four more in his article 10 Utah Craft Beers Perfect for Your Next BBQ. Don’t go to your next get-together unprepared! Listen to what beers you should be taking with you to be the hit of your BYOB BBQ.

Episode 3: Mountain West Hard Cider

In June, Mountain West Hard Cider invited Utah Beer News to tour their cidery in the Marmalade District of Salt Lake City. Mountain West is the first established cidery in Utah. I chatted with Laci Brown — aka “Ciderella” — and Jess Pechmann. During our conversation I learned a lot about the cidering process and the products Mountain West offers. We also talked about how Mountain West works diligently to build a community around its ciders. The latest example is The Garten, an all ages, outdoor gathering place next to Mountain West. Events are planned throughout the summer.

Episode 2: Hops on the Hill

Utah Beer News attended the season-opening Hops on the Hill event at picturesque Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah. It pairs craft beer with delectable food. Live music is also on the menu. We chatted with Chef Zane Holmquist, as well as representatives from RoHa Brewing Project and Squatters Craft Beers. The series, now in its sixth summer, runs each Tuesday through Aug. 28, 2018.

Episode 1: Shades Brewing Company

Utah Beer News sat down with Shades Brewing Company‘s Trent Fargher and Marcio Buffolo to discuss the brewery’s history. The majority of the interview, however, centers on kveik — an ancient yeast the brewers are using to create a series of golden sour beers.