As a former journalist, I (Tim Haran) strive for transparency and unbiased reporting in all material published on Utah Beer News platforms. The following disclosure document outlines key points related to how Utah Beer News approaches its coverage.

Items for Review

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It’s my intention to directly pay retail for items offered to me while reporting for Utah Beer News. If complimentary items are offered for review purposes, I’ll disclose that in the article, podcast, or social media post(s).

Yet, whether I pay for an item or not has no bearing on how I communicate my opinion of it to the Utah Beer News audience.

As for items sent to me unsolicited, I will accept the items. But I make no guarantees to discuss or write/post about them on a Utah Beer News platform.


I regularly reach out to breweries to set up interviews to learn more about who they are and what they do. Brewery profiles are some of my favorite things to write.

Usually, during the course of the interview, tours of the brewhouse are given and a beer or two are consumed. Again, my intention is to pay the retail price for such items, but oftentimes, the brewer or brewery representative insists on paying.

As mentioned above, whether I pay for an item or not doesn’t influence how I write about the brewery (then or in the future).


If organizers provide me with complimentary tickets to an event, I’ll do my best to attend. Acceptance of complimentary tickets comes with no guarantees to write about the event. And especially no promises to write about it favorably.

Press Releases

In terms of news, events, new releases, etc., it behooves individual breweries to send the information to me directly to ensure I see it and have the best opportunity possible to share it with the Utah Beer News audience.

Again, sending me information does not guarantee it will be published all or in part on Utah Beer News platforms. Breweries, you’re welcome to add me to your promotional email lists.

Fair, Unbiased, Newsworthy

Finally, with Utah Beer News, I strive to promote Utah’s craft beer community and the many positive aspects associated with it. However, as with any industry, it’s not all good all the time. 

When breweries make missteps or engage in practices that I believe would be of interest to the public (good and bad), I’ll do my best to raise awareness while writing about them fairly and objectively. Utah Beer News aims to be an impartial news source and not a cheerleader for specific breweries or for the industry.

Additional Notes

As of January 2022, Utah Beer News remains a part-time “passion project” for me. I receive no compensation from breweries, advertisers, or readers.

Occasionally, as a full-time freelance writer, I will contract with individual breweries or beer-industry folks to write articles, develop social media content, or establish strategy documents. I am compensated through Tim Haran Digital, LLC. These arrangements are separate from Utah Beer News and don’t influence coverage on this site.

In the future, sponsorship opportunities may be available for breweries to advertise on Utah Beer News platforms. We will clearly note these sponsorships/advertisements and they will not influence editorial coverage. For sponsorship opportunities, please fill out the contact form and I will gladly provide different options/tiers.

Utah Beer News Publishing Platforms

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Updated January 2022