RoHa Brewing Project | High on the Hop Lazy IPA

High on the Hop, a new beer from RoHa Brewing Project, hits the market on May 2, 2020. The 5% "lazy" IPA is bursting with tropical fruit flavors and aromas.
High on the Hop, a new beer from RoHa Brewing Project, hits the market on May 2, 2020. The 5% "lazy" IPA is bursting with tropical fruit flavors and aromas.

Welcome to Beer Tastings, a series in which Utah Beer News highlights an interesting (and tasty) local brew. This time: High on the Hop, a “lazy” IPA, from RoHa Brewing Project. What are you drinking? Let us know!

Beer Tastings: High on the Hop

Chill vibes and lazy summer days sound pretty good right about now. High on the Hop, a new IPA from RoHa Brewing Project, is a beer designed to sip as you soak in the sun.

“We wanted it to be more fun than a typical session IPA,” says Rob Phillips, RoHa Brewing Project co-founder “We’re calling it a Lazy IPA to describe the vibe we’re going for in this beer — a lazy summer afternoon, refreshing, easy to drink.”

High on the Hop, a 5% "lazy" IPA that's bursting with tropical fruit aromas and flavors.
High on the Hop, a 5% “lazy” IPA that’s bursting with tropical fruit aromas and flavors.

High on the Hop (5% ABV) is a fruit-forward refresher that will be available starting at noon on May 2 at RoHa. It’s bursting with aromas of citrus and tropical fruits, including, for me, lime, orange, and some pineapple.

The slightly hazy, golden brew delivers juicy fruit flavors, backed by supporting malts. Minimal bitterness, yet enough to remind you you’re drinking an IPA.

A blend of New Zealand’s Waimea and Wai-iti hops give the beer its characteristic tropical aromas. Some Idaho 7 hops help to balance the fruitiness and provide a subtle finishing bite.

Release Day: Bring Your Dog

RoHa, which established safe, social-distanced to-go practices shortly after the mid-March mandated shutdown of sit-in service, emphasizes that there’s no need to stand in line for Saturday’s beer release.

Phillips suggested you bring your dog with you to the brewery and, if there happens to be a line, pick up one of the free tennis balls RoHa is handing out and take your pup for a walk around the block.

Even more, RoHa assures beer drinkers that it will not sell out of High on the Hop on Saturday. It’s not a limited release, but rather a full-time offering that will ultimately make its way into retail outlets around the state.

“We will not run out of beer,” Phillips says. “Don’t feel like you need to rush down right at noon.”

In other words, be chill and soak in the good vibes of a relaxed beer release.

High on the Hop Stats

  • Brewery: RoHa Brewing Project
  • ABV: 5%
  • Serving Style: 12-ounce can
  • Date Tasted: April 29, 2020
  • Purchase Location: RoHa Brewing Project
  • Availability: RoHa Brewery on May 2, and then various grocery and convenience stores

Virtual Tastings: Inaugural Episode

In conjunction with the release of High on the Hop, Utah Beer News visited with RoHa co-founder Rob Phillips. It’s the inaugural, of what we hope will be many, episode of one-on-one conversations and virtual tastings with brewers, breweries, and everyday imbibers.

In the video below, you’ll hear:

  • Additional tasting notes about High on the Hop Lazy IPA
  • How RoHa is offering a smooth and safe beer-to-go process
  • A few ways RoHa is getting creative to connect with its customers during the coronavirus shutdown
  • A hint at some mix packs that will be available during American Craft Beer Week and a sneak peek at a beer that’s set to launch later this summer

RoHa Brewing Project

  • Address: 30 E. Kensington Ave., Salt Lake City
  • Telephone: (385) 227-8982
  • Temporary to-go hours: 12-7 p.m. Monday-Saturday
  • Social media: Facebook / Instagram / Twitter
High on the Hop — RoHa Brewing Project
High on the Hop, a 5% "lazy" IPA that's bursting with tropical fruit aromas and flavors.

Product Name: High on the Hop Lazy IPA

Product Description: From RoHa Brewing Project: "This unfiltered 'lazy' IPA pours light gold with a firm white head. The aroma blooms with lime and pineapple up front that morphs into tropical juiciness. Upon sipping, the lime and pineapple return which gives way to the subdued malt character that is backed up by just the right amount of bitterness for balance. Finishes dry and is very drinkable. Makes you want another sip. What is our 'Lazy' IPA? Well, we were looking for that hop forward beer, without the bitter finish. We pumped this full of tropical hops, and brewed it at 5% ABV. The big juicy, tropical aroma comes from these hops, while the dry finish makes a drinkable and fun beer to session."

  • Aroma
  • Appearance
  • Flavor
  • Mouthfeel

Overall Impression

High on the Hop, a fruit-forward “lazy” IPA, is the latest beer from Salt Lake’s RoHa Brewing Project. The 5% brew is bursting with tropical and citrus aromas (lime, orange, pineapple). It utilizes a blend of Waimea and Wai-iti hops from New Zealand to pack a punch of fruity aromas and flavors.

  • Aroma: A blend of citrus and tropical fruits (for me, mostly lime and orange)
  • Appearance: Pours a slightly hazy, golden orange with a smooth cap of foam
  • Flavor: Citrus and tropical fruits backed by some subdued cracker-like malt character. Just enough bitterness to let you know it’s an IPA.
  • Mouthfeel: Crisp, clean, and refreshing. Medium-bodied.

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Notes: The tasting notes format is adapted from a Homebrew Academy Beer Tasting Mastery course. Utah Beer News received samples of High on the Hop for review purposes.