Utah Beer News: 2018 Year in Review

Utah Beer News - 2018 Year in Review

Utah Beer News officially launched in May 2018. With it, I’ve aimed to share stories important to the Utah craft beer community. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to talk with folks who share a love of craft beer.

Scroll to see the site’s most-read articles and the most-downloaded podcast episodes in 2018.

As I say in each podcast episode intro, Utah Beer News strives to tell stories of brewers, breweries, and everyday imbibers. (I’m proud to note that our audience includes a few who don’t fall into any of those categories.)

As we wrap up 2018 (and what a year it was for craft beer), I want to thank you for joining me on this journey. You’ve played a major role in making the project a lot of fun so far. And we’re just getting started!

Starting Utah Beer News

Utah Beer News | Handcrafted Craft Beer Content to Sip & SavorI started Utah Beer News in April (first article) as a so-called “passion project.” It officially launched on May 17, 2018 — right in the middle of American Craft Beer Week.

My background in journalism, my love for craft beer, and my interest in the beer industry all drew me to establishing a storytelling site. You can read more on the origin story by visiting the About page.

We’ve published 88 articles and a dozen podcast episodes in our first seven months. The best part, to be honest, isn’t the numbers. It’s meeting so many cool beer people at breweries, bars, and events.

With that, I’m looking forward to continued growth and thank you again for your kindness and support as I worked to get the site off the ground.

A Look Back at 2018

In my previous job, I spent several years managing a blog. At the end of each year, I compiled a list of the most-read posts. It’s fun for me to look back and to recognize what resonated with readers.

Plus, if you missed a popular post the first time around, now’s your chance to get all caught up. I’ll also share links to our most-downloaded podcast episodes.

Shades Brewing - Kveik - Featured
Shades Brewing President and Founder Trent Fargher, left, and Head Brewer Marcio Buffolo. A piece about the brewery and its use of kveik yeast proved to be the most-read Utah Beer News article of 2018. Its accompanying podcast episode was the most-downloaded for the year as well.

Most-Read Utah Beer News Articles in 2018

  1. The Kveik Stuff: Shades Brewing Finds Success with Ancient Yeast (June 25) — An enlightening interview with Shades Brewing Founder Trent Fargher and Head Brewer Marcio Buffolo. It also accompanied our first podcast episode.
  2. Will 2018 Go Down As ‘Year of the Brewery’ in Utah? (Dec. 10) — Considering the influx of new breweries that opened in 2018, we asked the question.
  3. 2 Row Brewing: A Breath of Fresh Beer (Aug. 27) — A wide-ranging interview with Brian Coleman, 2 Row Brewing Founder. It also features an accompanying podcast episode.
  4. T.F. Brewing: Welcome to the Neighborhood (Oct. 25) — The latest in a series of breweries calling Salt Lake’s Granary District home. It’s led by longtime Red Rock brewer Kevin Templin.
  5. Utah Holiday Beers: Celebrate the Season (Nov. 5) — Dave Baker offers insight and tasting notes on a variety of beers perfect for the winter months. The article also accompanies a podcast episode.
  6. Meet a Homebrewer Who Plays Bassoon and Flies Airplanes (Oct. 29) — A profile of Ryan Van Liere, a Utah-based homebrewer, and his many interests.
  7. Utah Beer Festival 2018: An Inside Look (Aug. 9) — A preview of Utah’s largest annual beer festival.
  8. Shades Brewing Unveils New Name, Branding (Oct. 15) — Breaking the news of the South Salt Lake brewery’s renaming  and rebranding. The article accompanies a podcast episode.
  9. Utah Brew Fest: A Unique Way to Experience Craft Beer (Nov. 26) — Previewing a beer/spirits event unlike Utah’s ever seen.
  10. Utah Beer Festival 2018: Ale Yes! (Aug. 20) — A recap, complete with hits and misses, from this year’s Utah Beer Festival in Salt Lake City.

Most-Downloaded Podcast Episodes in 2018

  1. Shades Brewing and Kveik Yeast (July 11) — The episode that started it all, an informative and science-driven conversation with Shades Brewing.
  2. 2 Row Brewing’s Brian Coleman (Aug. 27) — The episode includes a first-person, in-depth account of how Midvale’s 2 Row Brewing came to be.
  3. Meet Utah Homebrewer, Pilot, Bassoonist Ryan Van Liere (Oct. 29) — An entertaining profile of a homebrewer whose hobbies/interests extend well beyond the beer world.

Let Your Voice Be Heard

Kiitos BrewingOver the last week or so, I’ve spent time mapping out a content calendar for 2019. I’m hoping it will help increase the “news” aspect of Utah Beer News, while also highlighting interesting personalities in the Utah beer world.

As always, I’m open to any and all suggestions for website articles or podcast episodes.

I’m planning to send out a short survey to email subscribers in January. If you’re not on the list, sign up here.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact me with story ideas, interview subjects, or beer-related items you’re curious about.

Thank you for being part of the Utah Beer News community. Cheers to 2019!