T.F. Brewing: Welcome to the Neighborhood

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Kevin Templin, owner and brewmaster of T.F. Brewing in Salt Lake City

It’s a festive, jovial atmosphere at T.F. Brewing. And why not? There’s definite cause for celebration.

After all, a new, ultra-hip neighbor just moved in.

Friday, Salt Lake City’s newest brewery — headed by a familiar face in Utah craft beer — will open its doors to the public.

T.F. Brewing owner and brewmaster Kevin Templin.
T.F. Brewing owner and brewmaster Kevin Templin.

At a friends-and-family event prior to the official opening, Kevin Templin, T.F. Brewing owner and brewmaster, wears a wide smile and accepts congratulations from a who’s who among Utah’s brewing community.

Utah’s craft beer family is welcoming its newest member with open arms. But Templin isn’t exactly a newcomer to the Utah craft beer scene.

For nearly two decades, he brewed dozens of award-winning beers for Red Rock Brewing, one of Utah’s oldest and most-decorated craft breweries.

“I’m grateful for the last 20 years and for all the people who have been part of the Utah craft brewing industry,” Templin says.

Now it’s time to put his name front and center.

“I think everyone knew this day would eventually come,” says “Bad” Brad Wheeler, a Salt Lake radio personality, noting that Templin was among his first guests on his now-annual American Craft Beer Week shows. “He’s too talented and has too many ideas to be working under somebody else.”

T.F. Brewing = Templin Family Brewing

The T.F. in T.F. Brewing stands for Templin Family. While the gorgeous Granary District brewery owes a great deal to those who share the brewmaster’s surname, countless others, Templin says, are “part of the circle.”

Looking out toward the taproom from the brewhouse, the two areas connect seamlessly.
Looking out toward the taproom from the brewhouse, the two areas connect seamlessly.

“It’s a craft family,” Templin says. “It is my mom and my dad, my wife and my brothers, but it’s also the plumbers and electricians, members of the hockey community. So many people had a piece in making this dream come true.”

It’s the Templin name, however, that’s emblazoned on the brewery walls and on every glass of beer T.F. Brewing serves.

“I thought about the name of the brewery for years,” Templin says. “I didn’t want to name it something silly.”

Instead, he turned to his German heritage and opted for a traditional family-based name. The brewery’s logo is an interpretation of the Templin family crest.

T.F. Brewing features a custom-made 15-barrel brewhouse.
T.F. Brewing features a custom-made 15-barrel brewhouse.

A Focus on Classic Lagers

In his 15-barrel brewhouse, Templin clutches a Granary Kellerbier in one hand, and with the other greets a steady stream of well wishers.

T.F. Brewing plans to focus on brewing classic lagers, though they'll still offer some ales
T.F. Brewing plans to focus on brewing classic lagers, though they’ll still offer some ales

Templin, 47, has worked in a brewery half his life. He claims to be “a hobbyist of all but a master of none,” when it comes to beer. He believes he still has a few years to go before earning the title “brewmaster.”

While others scoff at that self-assessment, Templin continues to practice his craft.

In his newest venture, he’s “going to make what I like to drink.” And as one of German descent who’s traveled to Germany four times, that means classic lagers.

But that doesn’t mean ales won’t make an appearance. The following beers were available at the pre-opening event, with a half-dozen tap handles free for other offerings:

  • Zitrone Wheat Ale
  • Granary Kellerbier
  • Ethereal Leichte Weisse
  • American Avenue Pale Ale
  • My Son Oat Porter
  • And in cans, the 8.2% Ferda Double IPA

For me, the Granary Kellerbier hit the mark. It’s clean, light, and flavorful with some toast and cereal sweetness and grassy hops character. The My Son Oat Porter on nitro is delectable and creamy.

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An Inviting Space

Communal tables and smaller round tables make up the bulk of T.F. Brewing's indoor seating.
Communal tables and smaller round tables make up the bulk of T.F. Brewing’s indoor seating.

It’s clear no corners were cut, no details left unattended in the construction and design of the brewery.

From the custom-made brew system to the high-end seating areas to the exquisite glassware and sleek wooden tap handles, the brewery is simply beautiful.

“We’re not trying to be snooty, but we are trying to be clean,” Templin says. “I like clean lines.”

His wife, Britt, is credited for the design-meets-functionality elements that invite craft beer enthusiasts to settle in for a few pints.

Communal tables encourage conversation with friends or strangers, though there are smaller round tables (with cushioned chairs!) for more intimate gatherings.

A series of couches with facing club chairs are perfect for relaxing and talking with friends. A large outdoor patio, complete with custom fire pits, will undoubtedly make some “best-of” lists.

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Welcome to the Neighborhood

Salt Lake’s Granary District, which stretches from Interstate 15 to West Temple, and 600 South to approximately 1000 South, is becoming a craft brewing hotspot.

T.F. Brewing joins Fisher Brewing (320 W. 800 S.) and Kiitos Brewing (608 W. 700 S.). Just outside the boundaries are Proper Brewing Co. (857 S. Main St.) and Epic Brewing (825 S. State St.).

Even supposed competitors see new breweries as a benefit to all others within the community.

“We really see it as the neighborhood becoming more of a destination,” says Clay Turnbow, head brewer at Kiitos Brewing. “The more breweries in the area, the more people that will come to the area. They’ll hear there are two other breweries (in the neighborhood) and it could help all of us.”

“The more beer the better,” Colby Frazier, Fisher’s head brewer, has told Utah Beer News previously. It’s a a sentiment he reiterated at the T.F. Brewing event on Wednesday.

The spacious patio at T.F. Brewing is a comfortable spot to enjoy a pint of beer.
The spacious patio at T.F. Brewing is a comfortable spot to enjoy a pint of beer.

About T.F. Brewing

T.F. Brewing, which is short for Templin Family Brewing, opened in October 2018. Located in the Granary District of Salt Lake City, the brewery occupies what used to be an auto repair shop. It’s actually three connected buildings and features a 15-barrel brewhouse, a taproom with an L-shaped bar, barrel and lager rooms, and an outdoor patio.

Award-winning brewer Kevin Templin, 47, who’s worked in Utah craft beer since 1995, the most recent of which was an 18-year stint at Red Rock Brewing, is owner and brewmaster.

  • Founded: 2018 (opened Oct. 26, 2018)
  • Address: 936 S. 300 W., Salt Lake City, UT 84106
  • Notable: T.F. Brewing plans to focus on brewing classic lagers. It features a dozen taps (as well as a nitro tap). Five beers were available on draft during the soft opening, as well as a canned 8.2% ABV Double IPA. The brewery possesses a full liquor license.
  • Website: http://www.tfbrewing.com/
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram