Shades Brewing Celebrates 10 Years with 10 New Collaboration Beers

Shades Brewing is celebrating its 10-year anniversary by releasing a series of collaboration beers over the next several weeks. Photo Credit: Shades Brewing
Shades Brewing is celebrating its 10-year anniversary by releasing a series of collaboration beers over the next several weeks. Photo Credit: Shades Brewing

Shades Brewing is turning 10. To celebrate, the onetime Park City brewery that relocated to South Salt Lake several years ago is teaming up with primarily local businesses to deliver a series of 10 special collaboration beers.

The first two brews are scheduled to hit the market on Sept. 17, a week later than planned after a freak windstorm wreaked havoc and left the brewery — and a chunk of the Wasatch Front — without power for several days.

Yet, perseverance is part of what helped Shades get to where it is today.

“We started in Park City 10 years ago with only a few small tanks,” Shades wrote on Facebook. “We had a two-vessel, seven-barrel brewhouse packed in a small space. Now our system has grown to 30 barrels with two yeast propagation systems!”

It’s not a stretch to say Shades made its mark with yeast. Specifically, a strain of kveik, an ancient Norwegian brewers yeast.

First featured in a Shades brew in mid-2018, kveik is now used in dozens of beers as part of the brewery’s American Sour Ale series. And that first one — named simply Kveik 1 — earned a gold medal at the 2018 Great American Beer Festival.

Shades Brewing plans to release 10 collaboration beers in celebration of its 10-year anniversary. Photo Credit: Shades Brewing

Shades Brewing: Collaboration Beers Lineup

The following is a lineup of collaboration beers Shades Brewing plans to release in the coming weeks (to drink on-site and to-go).

The festivities culminate on Oct. 10 with the release of a 10-year anniversary Triple IPA. Shades says it features 10 hops varietals and clocks in at 10% ABV.

Notes: Collaborator in parentheses. Releases subject to change. Keep an eye on Shades Brewing’s social media for updates.

September 17

Bloody Mary Michelada (collaboration with Ice Haus)

  • Sour ale with tomato juice, celery seed, chili peppers, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce, and black pepper.

Blackberry Mint (Taproot Soda)

  • Sour ale with blackberry and mint.

September 24

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie (T.F. Brewing)

  • Sour ale with strawberry, rhubarb, vanilla, cinnamon, graham crackers, and lactose.

Bad Habits (Three Monkeys Beer, Brazil)

  • Sour ale with mango and lactose.

September 26

Kveik Nosh (Uinta Brewing)

  • Sour ale with grapefruit and many, many hops.

October 1

Beautiful Disaster Cream Ale (Slackwater Pub & Pizzeria)

  • Cream ale with hazelnut, vanilla, chocolate, banana, and lactose.

Guavalicious (Edge Brewing Co., Idaho)

  • Sour ale with guava and lactose.

October 3

El Papi (Purgatory Bar)

  • Sour ale with agave, basil, and jalapeño peppers.

October 8

Kveik Sunrise (Beer Bar)

  • Sour ale with orange, cherry, and agave.

Pistachio Ice Cream (Red Rock Brewery)

  • Cream ale with vanilla, pistachio, and lactose.

October 10

10.10.10 IPA

  • 10-year anniversary brew with 10 hops (10% ABV)

The Shades Brewing taproom is open Thursday-Saturday and beer-to-go is available seven days a week.

In Their Own Words

Utah Beer News visited with Shades Brewing in 2018 to learn more about the history of the brewery and the launch of its sour program.

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