New Podcast Episode: A Grab Bag of Utah Beer News

Episode 31 of the Utah Beer News Podcast strays from its typical format. As listeners of the podcast know, generally, I like to sit down with brewers and let them share their stories. But for this episode, it’s just me. I don’t have a guest, but I hope you’ll give it a listen.

Utah Beer News | Handcrafted Craft Beer Content to Sip & SavorEpisode 31 of the Utah Beer News Podcast features analysis of our recent survey, details on recent (and upcoming) features, a rundown of the most-read articles in 2019, news and notes from the world of Utah Beer and more!

Episode 31: A Utah Beer News Grab Bag

Here’s what you can expect in the podcast episode (approximate timestamps in parentheses):

  • Utah Beer News Survey: Results and Analysis (1:58 – 14:30)
    • Nearly 200 Utah beer drinkers responded to our annual survey at the end of January. You can read about some of the key findings, but I go into additional detail in the podcast episode.
    • Get the complete rundown of favorite beer styles and favorite local breweries.
    • Gather insight into a few trends people are stoked about — and several trends they wish would disappear.
    • Listen to me answer some constructive feedback I received as part of the survey.
  • Recent & Upcoming on the Site (14:40 – 17:00)
    • If you’re an infrequent visitor to, here’s what you’ve missed (and what you can look forward to).
  • Most-Read Articles of 2019 (17:10 – 21:35)
    • A snapshot of the five most-read articles on in 2019. The articles feature brewery profiles, law changes, beer and board games, and more.

Thank You

Thank you for supporting Utah Beer News. It’s still somewhat of a passion project that I do as part of my consulting business — Tim Haran Digital.

Utah Beer News is nearly two years old now. I truly hope you consider it to be a valuable resource as you continue to explore Utah’s vibrant craft beer scene. My hope is that through articles, podcast episodes, and other digital means, Utah Beer News serves as a “publication of record” for Utah beer.

The modern-day scene is nearly 35 years old now. Yet in the last 5-7 years (and the last 3-5 years, especially), we’ve witnessed astounding growth throughout the state.

  • Utah is now home to more than 35 breweries, brewpubs, tasting rooms, etc.
  • We have full bars dedicated to craft beer.
  • Grocery store shelves are filled with local, regional, and national craft brews.
  • Liquor laws slowly but surely are catching up (though we still have a ways to go)
  • And we have a very passionate community that cares about quality craft beer and supporting its local brewers.

It’s a Golden Age for craft beer in Utah. It sometimes can be easy to take for granted. I grew up in Utah and have seen how far we’ve come in certain areas — and how far we have to go in others. But I believe the Utah craft beer scene is on a trajectory for continued greatness.

As always, if you have questions, comments, or concerns, I invite you to email me directly.

Thank you again for your support and I sincerely appreciate you helping to spread the word about Utah Beer News on social media or over a pint as you chat with friends at your favorite watering holes.