Utah Beer News: Our New Logo

Utah Beer News | Handcrafted Craft Beer Content to Sip & SavorTwo months ago we officially launched Utah Beer News. I’m thrilled with and humbled by the response. My heartfelt thanks the readers and followers who continue to support what we’re doing.

Today I’m excited to formally unveil the official Utah Beer News logo!

The branding, created by Artem Designs, represents who we are and what we aim to accomplish with the website, our social media, and our supplemental podcast.

Utah Beer News: More Than a Logo

It’s exciting to put an official stamp on Utah Beer News. We hope it makes us easily recognizable across digital platforms.

But a storytelling website such as this is much more than a logo. In the site’s short lifetime, we’ve already told a handful of interesting stories, including:

  • A South Salt Lake brewery uses ancient yeast strains to create award-winning golden sour ales
  • Utah’s first established cidery strives to build a strong community around its outdoors-branded offerings
  • Part local history, part natural history, a series of Hops Hunters hikes in and around Park City, Utah, provides a morning of education, entertainment, and exercise in the great outdoors
  • Weekly tasting notes about a particular delicious or noteworthy local beer

Sharing Stories Elsewhere

In addition to the website articles, we’ve also published handcrafted craft-beer content elsewhere:

Thank You!

Tim Haran - Profile - Utah Beer NewsUtah, as the old slogan goes, is a “pretty, great state.” And it’s home to incredible craft beer, brewers, and breweries (and beer drinkers, for that matter).

Utah Beer News is looking forward to sharing even more stories about Utah’s craft beer community in the coming weeks, months, and years.

Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey! As always, if you have any story ideas or news items, please feel free to let us know.