Beer Tastings: Oktoberfest — Bohemian Brewery

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Welcome to Beer Tastings, a weekly series in which Utah Beer News highlights a particularly tasty local brew. Today we visit Bohemian Brewery to taste its Oktoberfest seasonal. What are you drinking? Let us know!

Beer Tastings: Oktoberfest

Tastings - Oktoberfest - Bohemian BreweryIt’s still the season for full-flavored, malt-forward beers. Some you can get year-round. Others — like Oktoberfest from Bohemian Brewery — is only available seasonally. So get it while you can!

I’m a fan of this beer each fall. But I think Bohemian outdid itself this year. It could be the exact same recipe, for all I know. Yet, this one seems especially tasty.

We tasted this Oktoberfest on our Fall Beers podcast episode. It’s a copper-colored märzen. Aromas are of fresh-baked bread and toasted caramel. Flavors are similar, with enough earthy hops to balance the malty sweetness.

Bohemian Brewery: Your Local Lager Source

Chef's Meatloaf at Bohemian Brewery with a side of Oktoberfest.
Chef’s Meatloaf at Bohemian Brewery with a side of veggies and a draft Oktoberfest.

You don’t need to twist my arm to visit Bohemian Brewery. The fact that it’s down the street from my house has nothing to do with that. It is a perk, however.

Whether you’re in the mood for a light lager or something maltier, Bohemian is a Utah treasure. It’s a cozy spot to enjoy a pint or three.

We wrote more about the brewery in a previous Tastings column. In that one, we raved about the Viennese Lager. And the salmon BLT. Ah, the memories.


Today, I’ll just mention that next time you visit Bohemian, order the Chef’s Meatloaf. Yes, I know it’s not German. And yes, I know there are many delicious menu options from which to choose. But give it a try, huh?

Oktoberfest — Bohemian Brewery
Tastings - Oktoberfest - Bohemian Brewery

Product Name: Oktoberfest

Product Description: Bohemian Brewery's seasonal Oktoberfest is a märzen. It's a popular style for Oktoberfest offerings. It pours a rich copper color with a thin white layer of foam. Aromas of fresh-baked bread and a hint of toasted caramel. Flavors are similar and it features just enough earthy hops to balance out the malty sweetness.

  • Aroma
  • Appearance
  • Flavor
  • Mouthfeel

Overall Impression

A märzen is perfect for fall. Bohemian Brewery’s Oktoberfest delivers a nice breadiness with some malty caramel and earthy/floral hops.

  • Aroma: Fresh-baked bread and toasted caramel
  • Appearance: Amber-copper color with a thin layer of white foam
  • Flavor: Toasted bread, hints of caramel and honey, with enough earthy hops to balance the sweetness
  • Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied and mouth-coating

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Notes: The tasting notes format is adapted from a Homebrew Academy Beer Tasting Mastery course I took in 2017. Utah Beer News is not compensated in any way for beers mentioned in the Tastings series.