Beer Tastings: Proper Beer — Proper Brewing Co.

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Welcome to Beer Tastings, a weekly series in which Utah Beer News highlights a particularly tasty local brew. This week we feature Proper Beer from Proper Brewing Co. What are you drinking? Let us know!

Beer Tastings: Proper Beer

Tastings - Proper Beer - Proper Brewing CoIt’s “the beer that started it all,” according to Proper Brewing Co. The Proper Beer is a well-balanced golden ale.

Aromas of sweet biscuit, light honey, and some herbal hops. Flavors of toast and some grainy bitterness balance the sweetness nicely.

As we move from summer to autumn, it’s nice to have a “transitional beer.” For me, that means moving away from the crisp, hop-forward IPAs and toward the maltier colder-weather brews. The Proper Beer fits the bill.

I drank it on tap at the brewery in Salt Lake. It pours a golden straw color with a white head. It’s crystal clear. A first sip coats the tongue and brings to life the English and German malts and English hops.

The Proper Beer is a nice one to enjoy while watching the leaves change colors.

Proper Brewing Co.

I visited the location in downtown Salt Lake City. It’s located right next to Proper Burger, which is perfect for the days you’re craving a burger and a beer. The original restaurant/brewery — Avenues Proper — is located, well, in the Avenues neighborhood of Salt Lake.

I understand additional expansion plans are under way as well, so keep an eye out for new places to enjoy a Proper Beer.

To learn more about Proper Brewing Co., check out this previous Tastings post.

Proper Beer — Proper Brewing Co.
Tastings - Proper Beer - Proper Brewing Co

Product Name: Proper Beer

Product Description: From Proper Brewing Co.: The beer that started it all. Our flagship ale is perfectly balanced: not too malty, not too hoppy – just right. English Maris Otter pale malt, German Pilsener malt, English hops, and an American yeast come together to make the Proper Beer big in flavor, but easy to drink. Notes of bread crust, sweet barley, and a balanced bitterness combine for a perfect pint.

  • Aroma
  • Appearance
  • Flavor
  • Mouthfeel

Overall Impression

This is what I deem a “transitional” beer. That is, it takes me from summer into fall without missing a beat. Light notes of toast and biscuit. Some honey-like sweetness balanced perfectly with European malts and hops.

  • Aroma: Sweet biscuit, light honey, floral hops
  • Appearance: Golden straw color, white head, crystal clear
  • Flavor: Some toast and grainy bitterness; light honey and floral hops
  • Mouthfeel: Coats the tongue; medium carbonation

But you don’t have to take my word for it.

Notes: The tasting notes format is adapted from a Homebrew Academy Beer Tasting Mastery course I took in 2017. Utah Beer News is not compensated in any way for beers mentioned in the Tastings series.