Big Bad Baptist: Epic Brewing’s 2021 Lineup

Big Bad Baptist - Epic Brewing - 2021
Photo Credit: Epic Brewing

The revelation of Epic Brewing’s Big Bad Baptist lineup is a time-honored tradition for barrel-aged stout fans.

Each year, as summer turns to fall, you can expect Epic to release a handful of imperial stouts. This time, the Salt Lake-based brewery released six variants, in addition to the original Big Bad Baptist barrel-aged imperial stout.

Epic began releasing variants on a weekly basis in October in Salt Lake City. Its entire distribution network should get the Big Bad Baptist beers by the end of November.

Here’s a quick rundown of the lineup, each of which is aged in whiskey barrels:

  • Big Bad Baptist: The classic barrel-aged imperial stout
  • Black Forest Cake: Chocolate, ripe cherries, and fresh coconut
  • Naked Baptist: Big Bad Baptist the way Epic “brewers intended it”
  • Double Barrel: A collab with Blue Copper Coffee
  • Double Jam: Raspberry, blackberry, and coffee
  • In the Rye: 100% rye barrels (instead of bourbon)
  • Chocolate Mint: Fresh mint and a “copious addition of cacao nibs”

2021 Big Bad Baptist Season

Big Bad Baptist

Slackwater Sandy offered 5-ounce pours of each of the 2021 Big Bad Baptist varients on Oct. 27, 2021.

“We spent the off-season continuing to improve our most recognized beer and we know you’ll think the 2021 release is the best yet,” Epic writes.

The original is now available year-round. It will be packaged in 12-oz., 4-pack cans in most markets and 22-oz. bottles in select locations

Black Forest Cake

The “decadent” beer includes chocolate, ripe cherries, and fresh coconut. Ingredients coalesce into the liquid form of a classic German treat.

Naked Baptist

This one’s “unadulterated by coffee or cacao.” Oh, and it is a double gold medal winner at the recent Denver International Beer Festival.

Double Barrel

Working with Blue Copper Coffee, Epic aged green Colombian coffee beans in whiskey barrels and select Baptist casks for a double blast of bourbon barrel character.

Double Jam

Raspberry, blackberry, and coffee come together in what Epic describes as “breakfast on Sunday morning.”

In the Rye

Shunning bourbon barrels in favor of rye whiskey barrels, this variant features “peppery notes and deep earthy tones.”

Chocolate Mint

This one is made with fresh mint and “a copious addition of cacao nibs.”

For a rundown of the 2020 lineup, check out our previous article.